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Air Cooling Harness


Cooling Air Harness

The Cooling Air Harness provides critical cooling air for personnel wearing disposable suits in hot environments. This creates cooling air for disposable plastic suits, typical of those used in nuclear generation stations.

Product is terminated with a Hansen® 2RL male air connector paired with an optional Cannon® XLR3 electrical connector. Cooling Air Harness is held on by elasticized straps – no modification is required of the disposable suit.

Technical Specifications
Connector,Combined Air/Communication Hanson® 2RL Air parallel to Cannon® XLR-3 Style
Connector, Air Only Hose Hanson® 2RL
Air Flow 13.3 L/sec (28 SCFM)
Working Pressure 125psi


Ram’s Horn Air Supply

The Ram’s Horn Air Supply is used with nuclear hoods and disposable suits to supply breathing air to personnel in nuclear environments. Due to its compact and lightweight design, air is distributed to the head area for breathing air, to provide cooling air and to keep the visor clear of condensate.

An optional Combined Air/Communications Connector™ is available to provide connection to a wired headset for plant communications. Product is supplied with a Hansen® 2RL male air connector with a Cannon® XLR3 electrical connector in paired configuration, unless otherwise specified.

Technical Specifications
Air Flow, min 3.0L/s
Air Supply Pressure, rated 500kPa
Sound Level, max (within hood) 75dBa
Belt Length, waist size range 33”- 55”