The Vcom™ Communication Center provides professionals with a convenient package, including high quality intercom function and a communication interface for one or two mobile radios. The intercom supports up to eight (8) high noise capable headsets with an optional easy-to-use Digital Speech Processor (DSP). The DSP enhances speech frequencies, and filters out much of the unwanted background noise, which tends to mask critical communication and reduces fatigue (associated with listening to continual background noise). User may request one of four DSP ambient noise configurations. Designed specifically for use on vehicles such as fire rescue, emergency, airport services, air boats, water and hover crafts.

It has the smallest dash-mount Radio Select Switch in the industry, in an easy-to-use format. Separating the Radio Select Switch from the control unit now allows the bulk of the product to be stashed in another location with more space, up to 8ft away from the switch.

Vcom™ supports a variety of headsets, with noise cancelling and standard microphones, or push to talk (PTT) and/or push to mute (PTM) switches. A combination of radio control features can be supplied. For instance, the driver and jump seat positions have access to radio control, or others can be provided with those controls. Those without control will only monitor radio activity, or possibly only have intercom access.
Please ask for your particular requirements.