Minicom™ – M Series Headsets

Minicom™ - M Series Headsets M Series Headsets are industrial grade, top of the line, full duplex intercom products. Its headsets contain an extremely fast acting voice activated amplifier (VOX) which can be used in background noise levels to 120dBA when coupled with SED’s noise cancelling boom, or throat microphones. Users no longer have to shout into a microphone trying to overcome the background noise – just speaking in a normal deliberate fashion gets the job done.
Headsets are very efficient, providing communication for up to 25 Users. Battery lifespan for a group of 10 Users is typically 125 hours with a communication distance of up to 4.8km (3miles) per headset in star configuration.

A large variety of multi-port junction boxes and extension cords are available.

* For a comparison of connection cord materials, features and performances, please see SED’s Knowledge Center.