SED Inc.’s noise attenuating hearing protectors provide consistent, comfortable hearing protection and superior sound quality. The entrant will hear important sounds, while blocking out harmful noise. The DQ70-106 headset is equipped with a noise-cancelling electret boom microphone. Or choose, the DQ70-108 headset, equipped with an electret noise-rejecting throat microphone.

  • Intrinsically Safe.
  • Dual receivers provide a crisp audio response
  • Use boom mic headset in elevated noise levels to 104 dBA (DQ70-106)
  • Use throat mic headset in elevated noise levels to 118 dBA (DQ70-108)*
  • Excellent voice pick-up in elevated noise environments
  • Dual over-the-head straps with behind the head tension band, provide a secure, comfortable, no fuss fit.
  • Foam, or optional, Gel on Foam, filled ear cushions ensure the best comfort possible even in hot environments
  • Choice of microphones
  • SEDFLEX™ retractile cord jacket is an easy to clean, chemically resistant material

*When used with additional earplugs