The HALO® lineup of headsets offers more radio/headset combinations than any other radio/headset communication solution, available to clients in industry today. With intrinsic safety, and the clearest audio quality in the business, professionals have the tools necessary to get the job done!
Mix and match headsets on the go, to give you the best combination with the UM and SRI belt-mounted interfaces according to the job requirements. Choose from lightweight, heavy-duty noise protection, single, dual, waterproof, throat, or boom mic styles.

HALO® carries an intrinsically safe Entity Approval for use on any intrinsically safe handheld radio, where the UM, or SRI belt-mount interface can be paired with your choice of HALO® headset.

Special Electronics & Designs Inc. stands ready to assist you with putting together the most useful combinations for your applications. Hazmat, high noise, wet and dirty environments, can finally be handled with confidence.

UM Belt-Mounted VOX/PTT Interface

The UM belt-mounted interface features a very capable VOX switch, usable in ambient noise to 120dBA and a large PTT (Push to Talk) jam-proof button. The SED exclusive PTT button allows the User to actuate the radio transmit even if the User is wearing bulky gloves. The PTT button is available in two styles: recessed, or raised.

SRI Belt-Mounted PTT Interface

Like the HALO® belt-mounted VOX/PTT, the SRI interface is a big button PTT only to allow the user to operate their radio more easily in adverse condition or while wearing protective gear. Simply attach the unit between the HALO headset and radio and in place in the UM.

The HALO™ SRI is intrinsically safe. It requires no power and is transparent to the radio and attached headset.