HuPerT® is a Human Performance Trainer developed to minimize and eliminate Human Performance Errors. ROPA Technologies Training Program has been designed to train and evaluate in accordance with the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO®) Human Performance Guidelines and Standards.

HuPerT® is designed to help prevent, anticipate and catch Human Performance error during the performance of work in any sector. Extensive analysis of tragic events by experts in the nuclear industry have identified many commonalities which allowed the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO®) to create their compendium of directives which has become the basis of Human Performance worldwide. HuPerT® was designed with these directives in mind and we are continually refining our product according our client’s needs and industry’s requirements.

Each HuPerT® model has seven programs designed to train and evaluate your employees according to the following Human Performance Tools: Briefings, Communications, Procedures, Situational Awareness, Checking, and Verification. Actuation of the various style buttons and rotating controls results in visual and audible indication of correct and incorrect Operator actions that can be easily adapted to meet your company’s learning objectives.