Signal Addition Units

Strobe Light & Interface (SAU 1)

Alarm signal to speakers can be used simultaneously to control signal lamps. The interface device responds to the incoming signal and turns on the corresponding light.

Strobe lights may be activated with remote switch control or a combination of remote switch and local PA audio presence to provide zone specific light control. NEMA 12 Enclosure.

Telephone Extension Ringer ( SAU 2)

Positioned high on the wall above the phone booth, the strobe light and ring tone will make personnel aware of incoming telephone calls.


  • Industrial LED strobe light flashes continuously bridging the ring tone cadence
  • 30-Watt industrial speaker provides a powerful ring tone
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure

Alarm Status Indicator (SAU 3)

The SAU-03 provides a generic annunciation function for a variety of status indicating equipment such as: radiation (tritium) measurement systems, water and liquid levels etc. in noisy industrial environments, providing audio and visual alarm functions.  Offering both safety and convenience, the SAU-03 is efficient, easy to use, rugged and provides additional communication features to keep your workplace and team safe and informed, even in remote sensing situations. Separate cancel functions allow continued status annunciation until alarm condition is corrected.