Specialty Assemblies – Electronics

Specialty Assemblies – Electronics

If you have a specialized electronics requirement, Special Electronics & Designs Inc. would be pleased to assist you with your application.

Power Distribution Box (PDB Box)

The Special Electronics & Designs Inc model PDB Power Distribution Box makes getting your product National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant for use in Canada and the USA without all the paperwork and expense!
We have prepackaged a dual receptacle, fuse, and modular connection cord termination into a handy module which you can install with confidence knowing that all the electrical code requirements have been met for the USA and Canada to allow you to bring in an electrical connection into your equipment case or rack.
By providing you with a module that contains all the parts required to bring an electrical connection through your equipment case or rack wall we have taken all the guesswork out of meeting electrical code requirements. We have prepackaged a dual receptacle, fuse, and modular connection cord termination which you can install with confidence.
Product is available with compliance for Canada and USA, with or without DIN Rail mounts. Don’t spend another moment preparing all the drawings and organizing a review with electrical authorities for your one-off project!

Models, Screw Mount Only

  • PDB-C Compliant to Canadian electrical code, no DIN Rail mount
  • PDB-U Compliant to USA electrical code, no DIN Rail Mount
  • PDB-CU Canada and USA compliance to electrical code, no DIN Rail Mount

Models, DIN Rail and Screw Mount

  • PDB-DC Supplied with DIN Rail Mount, and Canadian compliance
  • PDB-DU Supplied with DIN Rail Mount, and USA compliance
  • PDB-DCU Supplied with DIN Rail Mount, Canada/USA compliance


Input Rating: 10 A /250 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Dielectric Strength: > 2.5 kVAC between L-N
> 3 kVAC between L/N – PE
Fuse Dimension: 5 x 20 mm Cartridge Type
Fuse Rating (Max): 10 A / 250 VAC
Mount By: Surface Mounting using Screws 2x M6 or 2x ¼”x20 OR 4x self-tapping supplied
Din Rail Mounting (Optional)
Output Rating: 15A @ 125 VAC
Receptacle Outlet : Duplex NEMA 5-15R
Input Connection: JEC 60320 C13 (Modular Computer Cable Style)
Certification: Field Evaluation complies with NEC and Regulatory Authorities of US and Canada

*Note client must specify fuse rating required at time of purchase or supply their own to the rating required for their particular project. This PDB’s maximum current protection is to 10A @ 125VAC

Place-Keeper Flagging Devices

Easy grip plastic magnetic Place-Keeping Flagging Devices are used to flag important information when used in conjunction with our HuPerT® 1000, HuPerT® 2000, and HuPerT® Water Dynamic Learning Activity.

Product Features:

  • Easy-Grip Plastic
  • Magnetic, rubberized contact area to protect customer equipment finish
  • Available in four (4) bright colors
  • Two (2) in-stock sizes available, custom sizes available upon request

Product Specifications:

  • Package includes: 5 magnets
  • Available Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue

Carabiner Cable Clip

Carabiner Cable Clip for Extension Cords allows for hassle free operation of equipment. By securing the cable to the worker’s belts, or other anchor point, ensures that equipment or extension cables are not displaced while pulling on a cable. For instance, clip carabiner to a belt to keep your headset from being dislodged during work.

This SED designed cable clip can be used on your extension cord from your lawnmower or weed trimmer to prevent disconnection and ease of manipulating your equipment without tripping over your cable.