Station Fittings

Multi-station Combined Air and Communications Header

Headers provide station Air and Communication connection suitable for Combined Air/Communication Hoses™. In the standard form, four connection points are provided per header. Air distribution piping can be provided in either stainless steel or copper and brass tubing. Copper and brass header manifolds are standard. Product is rated for 125psi working pressure.

Air Header Installation Wiring Assembly

Air Header Installation Wiring Assembly for wall-mounted breathing air stations connects it to permanent plant wiring (nuclear grade). Assembly includes hermetically sealed connector, for connection to the air and communication header, stainless steel flexible conduit, (approximately 2 m) wiring for 12 pins with blunt cut ends.

Technical Specifications
Conduit Material Stainless Steel
Number of Conductors 12
Length Approximately 2m
Electrical Connector Cannon® XLR


Combined Air/Communication Header™ Connector

Industrial assembly for use with Air Headers. Designed to be used with SED Inc.’s Air/Communication Hose with, or without an electrical wiring tail.

*Air Header Replacement Connector/Wiring Sets. Housings not included

Technical Specifications
Material Aluminum
Air Fitting Style Hanson® 2RL
Connection Fitting 3/8” MPT 
Electrical Connector Cannon® XLR