Suit Components

Air/Communication Assembly (ACA)

Provides a termination point for the Air/Communication Hose™ at the suit interface fitting (Air Distribution Interface). Assembly splits out a separate electrical fitting for communications in the plastic suit.

Technical Specifications
Material Aluminum
Air Fitting Style Hanson® 2RL
Connection Fitting 3/8” MPT 
Electrical Connector Cannon® XLR


Air Distribution Interface (Bobbin)

The Assembly provides a termination point for the Air/Communications Hose™ at the suit. The fitting is snapped into the plastic suit’s outer and inner waistband walls, to provide air supply into the plastic suit air channels for breathing and cooling.

Technical Specifications
Material LDPE
Colour White


Air Only Distribution Assembly (ADA)

The Assembly terminates the Air Only Hose at the suit interface fitting, without electrical wiring.

Technical Specifications
Air Fitting Style Hanson® 2RL
Air Pressure, Working 125psi
Air Flow@ 75psi 13.2 L/sec (28 SCFM)
Material, Jacket Urethane
Colour Blue


Glove Rings

Glove Rings are a replaceable component which terminates the arms of a plastic suit. This allows the gloves to be fitted in an air tight fashion to the suit, typical of those used in nuclear generating stations. Gloves may be replaced without the use of special tools and are generally attached prior to entry into the work area by the User. Large and small Glove Rings are available.

Technical Specifications
Material HDPE
Diameter 10 cm
Colour White