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Special Electronics & Designs Inc. (SED), is a global manufacturer of specialized communication equipment used in Petrochemical, Military, Mining, Emergency Services, Oil & Gas and Coal/Gas/Nuclear Power Generation industries.  Throughout our 50+ year history, we have invested heavily in research and development, keeping SED at the forefront of the communications industry with cutting-edge technology.  Every product manufactured by SED has proven to be a key component at a variety of vital energy and heavy industries around the globe.

Our exceptionally talented team has a focus on technical excellence, quality of goods and an urge to develop the best solutions possible.  We pour our hearts and minds into developing products that are more efficient, cost-effective and safer for our Users.  With a combination of world-leading research and application knowledge, we continue to push the boundaries of excellence in every product we make.  Today, SED is renowned worldwide for its unmatched capabilities and unique expertise in the design and development of communication systems as well as Air/Communication™ supply products. 

But, did you know we also manufacture approximately fifty other products and offer additional services in molding, testing, design and development, with the capabilities to offer full system integration.  Our company is third-party certified to ISO 9001:2015 and holds certifications from many other authorities.

We are a true world-class Canadian manufacturer and are still family-owned after 50 years of doing business.

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Special Electronics & Designs Inc.
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Kincardine, Ontario
N2Z 2P3 Canada

Ph: 519-396-8555
Toll Free: 1-800-665-2740
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Our Mission

SED Inc. is committed to design, develop, and manufacture innovative solutions that are intuitive, reliable & rugged for use in highly demanding applications.

Our Story

In 1971, SED began with manufacturing specialized Throat Microphones and customized Headsets for the Canadian nuclear industry. 

In 1980, SED developed a Combined Air/Communication™ Hose for the nuclear industry, which reduced the hassle of running a separate wire for communication and hose for air supply to the plastic suits.  Over time, we have developed several “Air Distribution & Communication” accessories to accompany the Combined Air/Communication™ and Air Only Hoses.

In 1991, SED created a unique Intrinsically Safe system called the “Rescom® Classic™” which later became the “Rescom® Modular™” in 1998. This communication system is an intrinsically safe, full-duplex, hardline communication system, designed for use in confined space entry & high-angle rescue scenarios.  To this day, this system continues to be the industry standard and meets all intrinsic safety requirements of MSHA, CSA and UL and other standards of NFPA and OSHA.  We are the only manufacturer of a Combined Safety/Communication™ Rope which has integrated communications wiring in a safety lifeline to simplify line management while providing clear, continuous and effective communications in underground & communication-dead areas.  With NFPA certification, this 10,000 lb. tensile strength rope can be used as a primary or secondary lifeline.

By 1993, SED had grown to design and manufacture small-scale communication hubs (Vcom™) for Coast Guards and by 1995, large-scale industrial intercom systems (ProCommander™ III and ProCommander™ IV) for the nuclear industry by 1995.  These products continue to be trusted worldwide by leading nuclear organizations and are known for their robust design & exceptional build quality.

In 2002, SED expanded its intrinsically safe product portfolio by introducing the HALO® series of intrinsically safe headsets and radio accessories.  The VOX/PTT interfaces and a wide range of accompanying headsets, make it possible to expand the versatility of your radio, without compromising intrinsic safety. These products are ideal for incendive & explosion-prone areas and are approved by CSA & UL.

After a long & successful relationship with the nuclear industry, SED recently developed Human Performance Trainers (HuPerT™).  These training devices and programs are designed to help prevent, anticipate and minimize human performance errors in any process control environment where safety and cost-effectiveness are of key importance.  These Human Performance Trainers can augment existing training programs or we can offer full training courses through our sister company ROPA Technologies Inc.

In 2022, our legendary rescue communication system, Rescom® Modular™, was advanced to the Rescom Elite® to meet ATEX, IECEX, CSA, UL and CE requirements.

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