Custom Solutions

Bring your idea to life with SED’s unique capabilities!

We have developed numerous communication systems; wired and wireless, which are used by leading organizations throughout the world.

From Communication Hubs with Intercom and the ability to integrate communications of a large plant/ facility (ProCommander III) to portable communication systems, we develop it all. We can customize our communication systems as per client requirements. Some examples of our legacy communication systems are mentioned below:

With 50+ years of experience, we have a considered approach to communication systems and can develop a custom solution for you.

Our integrated design & development team can take your communication requirements and/or product ideas from concept right through to manufacturing. We can update existing products or develop a new device from scratch. These are some other examples of custom products and services we have and can provide:

  • Environmental Sensor Case
    Can be customized as per client specified parts, products and requirements.
  • Power Distribution Box (PDB-C)
    A CSA and UL approved PDB, to make your design and manufacturing process easier by eliminating the need for CSA and UL approval on the PDB.
  • 3-D Printed parts and products
    Place-keeper flagging devices are a great example of SED’s 3D printing abilities. These place keepers are magnetic to place on steel control panels, so the employee remembers his last action on the panel.
  • Hard-to-find products
    Our procurement team can find near-obsolete or end-of-life parts and products for you. For example video cards for old process control monitors.
  • Quick Disconnect ACA for Disposable Suits
    This Air & Communication assembly has a quick disconnect feature and was developed on a custom request by a client.

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