With our solid modelling capabilities, we can:

  • Take your concept, design, part and/or assembly; then prove it all via Computer aided design
  • Develop a virtual prototype to perform a kinetic & mass analysis. This will help render the design for graphics purposes – all before anything is moulded, drilled or bent.
  • We can then export to various formats for rapid prototyping and tooling.   In addition, drawings can be generated up to “D” size.

SED’s engineering team’s capabilities also include a variety of electro-mechanical interface applications. The 3D software we utilize includes SolidWorks and AutoCAD. 

In 2D, we use AutoCAD and Generic CADD.

Other SED Inc. Services:

  • Design for Manufacture
  • Reliability Calculations & Test Services
  • Moulding & Prototyping Service
  • Mechanical Design & Development
  • Complete Assembly
  • Complete Documentation & Drafting Service
  • Complete Supply & Turnkey Service

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