A Complete Quality Program Service

To build on our 50+ years of experience in the Engineering & Manufacturing of superior electronic systems through total quality improvement and effective management of resources. We can use this expertise to supply Qualitative products or assist you with it. 

SED Quality Programs

Quality is an integral part of every product manufactured or integrated into larger systems.

Many of SED’s products are used by Rescue and Public Safety Professionals and Industry,   who rely upon this high-quality equipment for safety. Lives depend on it!

Let SED use its experience in Quality Standards Control to supply products conforming to  your exacting standards.

SED has met the stringent requirements of its nuclear customers to meet programs in accordance with ISO 9001. These programs also include design elements that are required to achieve ISO 9001 compliance for their specific products. Additionally, Intrinsic Safety Standards are met for products employed in potentially explosive environments. SED achieved its own ISO 9001/2015 in early 2002. We are Third Party Certified by BSI.

Additionally, SED designs and manufactures a range of products used in:

  • Potentially explosive environments per CSA C22.2 and UL #913 standards to meet all parts thereof and described as;
    • Class I Div. I Groups A, B, C, D Class II Div. I
    • Groups E, F, G Class III Div. I
    • Gaseous Mines
  • Potentially explosive environments per harmonized European Standards;
    • EN 50014-1977 + A1- A5 (VDE 0170/0171-part 1/1.87) General Requirements EN 50020-1977 +
    • A1-A5 (VDE 0170/0171-part 7/4.92) Intrinsic safety “i”
    • EN 50039-1930 (VDE 0170/0171-part 10/4.82)
    • Intrinsically safe electrical systems “i”
  • Industrial Environments;
    • TSSA registered air supply product under Boiler, Pressure, Vessels and Pressure Piping Code Standard #B51-97.
    • Hearing Protection noise reduction per CSA Standard (pending).

Contact us for consulting or application of our Quality Programs.

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