Signal Annunciator Unit 2 (SAU 2) – Extension Ringer

  • Industrial LED strobe light flashes continuously bridging the ring tone cadence
  • 30-Watt industrial horn speaker provides a powerful audible ring tone
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure

Positioned high on the wall above the phone booth, the strobe light and ring tone will make personnel aware of incoming telephone calls.

This high-powered ringer with high-intensity strobe lights makes personnel aware of an incoming call even if they are not directly looking at the Telephone Extension Ringer.

Typically placed high on the wall for enhanced visibility, it avoids visibility issues caused by obstructing structure & equipment.  Circuitry ensures the ringtone cadence is interpreted into a continuously flashing strobe light instead of intermittent flashes which could be missed.



  • Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • Coal & Gas Power Generating Stations
  • Production Facilities
  • Steel Fabrication Plants
  • Foundries
  • Automotive Production Lines


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