Carabiner Cable Clip for Extension Cords allows for hassle free operation of equipment.  By securing the cable to the worker’s belts, or other anchor point, the Clip ensures that equipment or extension cables follow the wearer as they walk around, transferring the pull to their belt while pulling on the cable.  The carabiner clipped to the belt, keeps your headset from being dislodged during work.

This SED designed cable clip can be used on your extension cord from your lawnmower or weed trimmer to prevent disconnection and ease of manipulating your equipment without tripping over your cable.


Clamps onto cables 3.81mm (0.15”) to 6.35mm (.25”) diameter.  Indexed cable lock can be adjusted to accommodate different cable diameters.


  • Tool Cable management
  • Extension cord belt attachment
  • Hang cables off ground to avoid site obstacles


  • ISO 9001:2015

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