Signal Annunciator Unit 1 (SAU 1) – Alarm Status Indicator

  • Industrial LED strobe light flashes continuously bridging the ring tone cadence
  • An industrial speaker provides a powerful ring tone
  • NEMA rated Enclosure

In high noise areas, hearing the acoustic alarms may be impossible, especially when workers are wearing hearing protection. To overcome this problem SED has created the Alarm Status Indicator to give an additional visual warning to augment the audible alarm.

The SAU-01 electronics are housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure on top of which are mounted three high-intensity strobe lights.

This series of alarms utilize three colours of lights (i.e., Blue, White and Red). An electronic interface circuit serves as a signal interpreter and inputting gate. The alarm signal to the speakers can be used, simultaneously to control the signal lamps. The unit automatically detects the alarm tone, differentiating it from voice and turns on the corresponding light. The strobes may be activated with either a remote switch control or a combination of remote switches and local PA audio presence to provide zone-specific light control.



  • Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • Coal & Gas Power Generating Stations
  • Production Facilities
  • Steel Fabrication Plants
  • Foundries
  • Automotive Production Lines


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