Signal Annunciator Unit 3 (SAU 3) – Hi-Vis Annunciator

  • Convenient External resets
  • High impedance (approx. 10k) control inputs
  • No external power is required for inputs
  • Uses any dry-contact sensors to activate
  • Strobe lights can only be reset when the fault is cleared
  • Built-in test circuits for Lamp & Audible Alarm testing
  • Audible Annunciator resets at any time with a button press ready to trigger again with a new fault 
  • Industrial strobe light flashes in response to host device alarm status
  • An industrial Klaxon speaker provides a powerful ring tone
  • NEMA rated Enclosure
  • Power – 120V AC
  • Strobe lenses standard colours: Red, Amber
  • Optional lens colours available: Blue, Clear, Green, White
  • Labelling can be customized
  • Circular Amphenol connector input

The SAU-03 provides a generic annunciation function for a variety of status indicating equipment such as radiation (tritium) measurement systems, water and fluid levels etc. in noisy industrial environments, providing audio and visual alarm functions.  Offering both safety and convenience, the SAU-03 is efficient, easy to use, rugged and provides Wi-Fi communication features to keep your workplace and team safe and informed, even in remote sensing situations.  Separate cancel functions for audible & visual annunciators allow continued status annunciation until the alarm condition is corrected.

The unit is supplied by 120V AC power and is connected via a standard computer-style modular power cord.   The SAU-03 has built-in test circuits for Lamp and Audible Alarm testing.   No power is required from any external source for any inputs.  A high impedance input (approximately 10K) controls the alarm sensing via its 12V source.  The External resets are also High impedance.  All of these functions should be interface via an isolated set of contacts on the customers’ equipment.  A NEMA-rated enclosure ensures a rugged dust tight environment is maintained.  Heavy-duty switches on the front panel allow Test and Reset functions.

The unit has:

  • 2 inputs for sensing contact closures
  • 2 High-Intensity strobe indicators (1 for each input sense)
  • 1 Audible Buzzer to indicate trigger state
  • 1 Lamp Remote reset
  • 1 Audible Remote reset
  • 1 Remote status indication for Lamp 1
  • 1 Remote status indication for Lamp 2
  • 1 Remote status indication for Audible alarm



  • Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • Coal & Gas Power Generating Stations
  • Production Facilities
  • Steel Fabrication Plants
  • Foundries
  • Automotive Production Lines


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