Top 10 Reasons to Use Rescom® Confined Space Communications Systems

  1. Instantly deployable – Ideal for Emergency Response

The Rescom System is EASY to connect, EASY to use, and RAPIDLY deployable.  Rescom is the simplest and most intuitive Rescue communication system in the market today.  Not only is our system much faster and easier to deploy and use, but training is also much easier as well.  There are no overly complex control boxes or configurations to worry about.  Just connect, switch ON and communicate!  Connect up to 10 headsets to one system.

  1. NFPA approved Communication/Safety™ Rope

Only the Rescom System offers the increased flexibility created by the availability of the industry’s only N.F.P.A. rated Communications/Safety Rope™.  Use cable or communications rope, or both…it’s Your choice!

  1. Versatile and easily adaptable system

Rescom is rated as Intrinsically Safe for all types of confined spaces, so you never have to worry about communications safety.  Rescom can be safely used anywhere!

  1. Broad range of Headsets available

Rescom offers a wide range of rugged, comfortable headsets and headset configurations. From lightweight to watertight to noise attenuating earcups, Rescom has a wide variety of headsets suitable for your application. 

  1. Reliable & energy efficient

Rescom is the only confined space communications system that features a lightweight, fully redundant power supply.  A simple belt-mounted Master Interface (DMI) provides all the required power.  The entire system requires only 3 AAA batteries, with a standard battery life of up to 210 hours.  The system uses a built-in audible signal to alert users when power is low.  For teams greater than 3 Man configurations, two wearable Master units can be used as well.  If one unit fails the other can be quickly switched ON, providing a fresh power supply without communications loss during transfer. 

  1. Enhances worker safety and performance 

Rescom ensures clear and reliable full-duplex communication, providing critical continuous human contact throughout confined space operations.  Continuous voice communication has been proven to increase worker safety and efficiency.

  1. R.F. Immune / Interference free

Rescom is highly resistant to radio frequency interference from nearby hand-held radio or other RF emitting equipment.  Communication is secure and can’t be overheard or intercepted.

  1. Long-lasting promise with extended warranty

Rescom offers superb reliability backed by a 5 Year Limited Warranty. 

  1. Watertight connectors to maximize protection

The Rescom System uses watertight, military-grade connections, junction boxes and headsets, so a wet environment, or on-site decontamination, is never a problem.

  1. Trusted & well-renowned

Rescom is trusted, used and endorsed by experienced public and private rescue professionals around the world since 1985.

Rescom®…..Setting the standard for over 37 years!

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