Cooling Air Harness (CAH-0*)

  • Supplies cool breathing air as well as a connection for communication headsets (Optional)
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design
  • Made of high-performance materials i.e., PVC on nylon scrim
  • Suitable for use in Nuclear Reactor Vaults
  • Elasticized straps secure the harness to the person
  • An integrated hose and cable connection with a valve, allows the level of additional cooling to be adjusted by the worker
  • Customized for use with disposable suits
  • Sealed connectors simplify decontamination
  • No modifications are required to the existing suit
  • IH Valve connects the Auxiliary Cooling Harness to the existing cooling, air and communications suit

The Cooling Air Harness provides critical cooling air for personnel wearing disposable suits in hot environments.  Typically used in nuclear power generation stations, coal-fired plants, etc. The IH Regulator (CAH-ACA) is inserted between the existing hose connection and the suit inlet component of the ACA. The CAH-02 provides cooling from head to toe, whereas CAH-01 provides cooling only for the upper body.

The product is terminated with a Hansen® 2RL Male Air Connector paired with an optional Cannon® XLR3 electrical connector.  The Cooling Air Harness is secured by elasticized straps – no modification is required to the disposable suit (No modification is required).

In the wake of Fukushima’s meltdowns, a group of nuclear safety personnel brainstormed a solution for further protection in the event of a meltdown or “High Alert” situation.  In a typical nuclear operation, the disposable Suit is worn for protection, cooling and air.  This new Auxiliary Cooling Harness augments the suit cooling function.  It works in the same way; however, the application is for Extreme Environments such as High Heat, High Stress and High Alert situations.

These Cooling Air Harnesses enhance the existing cooling of the suit system which provides protection to personnel working in radioactively contaminated environments typical of nuclear-generating stations.


Additional information

Air Fitting Style (Suit Fittings)

Male Hansen® 2RL

Air Pressure, Working


Electrical Connector

Canon® XLR 3

Air Connection Fitting (Termination)


Air Flow@ 75psi

13.2 L/sec (28 SCFM)

Air Connector Material

Hardened Steel & Brass

Housing Material

PVC on Nylon Scrim

Core Tube Material (Hose Only)


Air Fitting Termination Material


Other Material (Key Parts Only)

Attachment: Elasticized Straps



Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter





1.13kg (2.5lbs)

Design pressure

70 psig

Number of Conductors

3 per Option

No. of connector pins

3 per Option

Release Lever


Release Spring



  • Nuclear, Industrial
  • Radiation Personal Protective Equipment PPE
  • Vault Suit Breathing Air Hose
  • Chemical Plants


  • ISO 9001:2015


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