Breathing Air Supply Hose

  • Core Tube is made from FDA approved food grade material
  • A super-tough SEDFLEX™ G-14 Jacket ensures product longevity while minimizing wear and tear
  • Can be decontaminated easily with soap and water
  • Rated to 125psi (TSSA Registered: CSA B51)
  • Supplies breathing and cooling air 
  • Durable construction and secure interconnection
  • Intuitive design and easy to use 
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Suitable for use in Nuclear Reactor Vaults
  • Rubberized moldings make it rugged & easy to decontaminate

Breathing Air Supply Hoses are used to connect disposable and launderable plastic suits, such as those used in the Nuclear Power Generation and Pharmaceutical Industries to air supply sources.  Food grade compounds are used in these durable hoses to ensure the ongoing safety of the suit wearers.  A tough Urethane Jacket ensures protection against abrasion and snagging on structures commonly found in the workplace and long life of these products.  Food grade materials used in this product provides a high level of safety in air supply, unique to the industry.

Product is supplied with a Hansen® 2RL Male Air Connectors, with a parallel electrical connector sleeve ensuring alignment and stability while disconnecting the assembly with gloves.  This allows the Release Lever to be easily activated. 

Additional information

Air Fitting Style (Suit Fittings)

Hansen® 2RL (M to F)

Air Pressure, Working


Electrical Connector


Air Connection Fitting (Termination)


Air Flow@ 75psi

>13.2 L/sec (28 SCFM)

Air Connector Material

Hardened Steel & Brass

Housing Material


Core Tube Material (Hose Only)

FDA Food Grade Approved

Air Fitting Termination Material


Other Material (Key Parts Only)

Jacket: Polyurethane



Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter

9.5mm (3/8")


Standard lengths: 7.6m, 15m, 30m


2.95kg (6.5lbs) per 15.2m (50ft) [with connectors]

Design pressure


Number of Conductors


No. of connector pins


Release Lever


Release Spring

Spring Steel


  • Do not use above rated pressure i.e., 125psi
  • Disconnect hose when not in use (excluding 2ft whips, which can remain connected to the headers) 
  • This product is not to be used below –10°C or above 40°C
  • Clean this product only with soap and water 
  • Do not subject the hoses to petroleum products or distillates 
  • Roll and hang hoses up off the floor when not in use 
  • Connector Release Latches should be replaced regularly as part of a good maintenance program
  • Do not stretch hose assemblies

Replacement Parts

  • Release Lever
  • Release Spring


  • Nuclear, Industrial
  • Radiation Personal Protective Equipment PPE
  • Vault Suit Breathing Air Hose


  • USA FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 listing
  • NSF 51 listing
  • TSSA Registered: CSA B51
  • Meets requirements of Resolution AP (89) and is acceptable for use in food contact applications within the European Union
  • ISO 9001:2015


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