ProCommander™ III – Industrial Intercom System

  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Primarily used in Plastic Suit applications
  • Connects up to 192 Users + 2 Operators + 2 Telephone lines + 3 Maintenance systems
  • 12 pre-wired zones, where each zone supports 20 x 4 headset jacks
  • < 3dB Audio loss at max capacity
  • Intuitive straight forward operation
  • Extremely fault tolerant – Short-Proof
  • Triple Redundant Power Supply
  • External tie-in to telephone systems and alarms is available when connected to SED Call Director Console
  • Communications may be controlled at the Main Control Console or remotely at SED Call Director Console
  • No computer interfacing eases operations and guarantees performance in the presence of electrical or radio interference or power outages
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

ProCommander™ III is a wired communication system designed to provide full-duplex communication in potentially harmful/hazardous environments, such as may be found in Nuclear Power Station Reactor Vaults and environmentally-controlled laboratories.  The system supports up to 192 headsets.

The Main Control Console provides conferencing for the 12 Zones, 2 telephone lines, and 3 Maintenance Communication Groups (through the ProCommander™ IV) as well as provides inputs from PA and alarm systems.  The Call Director provides a connection for calls from the telephone lines and remotely controls the Main Control Console.

Depressing the Call Button on any Headset signals the Attendant/Operator.  Typically, the worker puts on a SED Headset, dons the Plastic Suit, plugs themselves into the SED Combined Air/Communication Hose™ and then plugs their hose into a Breathing Air Station which provides 4 jacks into the communication system. 

Workgroups may include up to 16 Users per Zone which can be interconnected with other groups through the Conferencing Panel.  The system can be tied directly to two telephone lines and ensures that employees working in Plastic Suits have clear communications, don’t miss any critical PA announcements and evacuation alarms.  Workers using the ProCommander™ III can also coordinate with workers that are using the Maintenance Communication System (ProCommander™ IV) where up to three other trade-specific groups may be conferenced.

All circuitry is contained within the belt-mounted Headset interfaces.  All wiring for the same Zone and line may be daisy-chained to reduce system wiring costs.  All lines and amplifiers are short-proof, which means you never need to replace fuses. The central redundant power supply makes this system extremely reliable and affordable to operate.  Originally designed for use in nuclear power stations where reliability is of critical importance, this system may be easily applied to any industrial communication application.


Additional information

Max. Headset Connections


Full Duplex Communication (2-way)


VOX (Voice Activated)


Push-To-Talk (PTT)


Push-To-Mute (PTM)


DSP (Digital Signal Processor)


System Type


Radio Compatible


AM/FM Radio


Intercom Feature

Yes, Telephone too

Intrinsically Safe


Redundant Power Supply

Yes, 3 supplies

Hearing Aid Compatibility


Personal Volume Control



No, but works up to 92% Relative Humidity

RFI Immune (Radio Frequency Interference)


Transmit Power


Communication Range


Power Supply Type

AC (standard) or DC (optional)

Battery Life


Power Supply Range

95V – 240V AC (50-60 Hz)

Low battery Indicator


Operating Temperature

4°C to 49°C

Product Dimensions

86.06” h x 23” w x 31.50” d

Limited Warranty

1 Year




  • Large scale communications such as nuclear power plants
  • Suit connection through air supply hoses and/or Combined Air/Communication™ Hose
  • Co-ordination and conferencing among various workgroups
  • Maintenance teams and communications in noisy environments


  • Hearing Protector Rating: CSA A(L), as per ANSI S12.6-2016 (R2020)
  • Power Supply Module meets requirements for EN55022:1987 Class A
  • ISO 9001:2015


  • Air Breathing Station Communication Headers (“ABS”)
  • Station Wiring Box with Flexible Conduit and Connector Termination for ABS
  • Combined Air/Communication Hose™ Hoses (for Plastic Suits)
  • Extension Cords (for Non-Plastic Suit Applications)
  • Headsets (Headband, Hardhat, and mesh-mounted versions)
  • Junction Boxes
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Wind Screens (for Boom Microphone)
  • Wheels, 19” Rack Cabinet
  • Tie Bars, 19” Rack Cabinet
  • Eye Bolts, 19” Rack Cabinet

Compatible Headsets


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