Place-Keeper Flagging Devices

  • Easy-Grip Plastic
  • Magnetic, rubberized contact area to protect equipment panel finish
  • Available in four (4) bright colors
  • Two (2) in-stock sizes available, custom sizes available upon request

*Note: Steel equipment panels are required.

Never misplace, forget or get distracted midstream from making a control panel program change or adjustment ever again!  

Just set the magnetic place-keeper beside the control that needs adjustment, and when you are ready to perform the action, you will know exactly which control you had previously selected as it will be highlighted by a Place-Keeper.

These Place Keepers are ideally suited for any application requiring adjustment of process controls using the 2-or 3-way communication method utilizing place keeping and flagging.  Easy grip magnetic Place-Keeper are also used to flag important panel locations when used in conjunction with our HuPerT® 1000, HuPerT® 2000, and HuPerT® Dynamic Learning Activity-Fluid.


  • Package includes: 5 magnets of one colour
  • Available Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue


  • Process Control
  • Training
  • Factory processing
  • Water Management Systems
  • Nuclear Power Generation Plants
  • Coal Power Generation Plants
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Marine/Rail Switch yards


  • ISO 9001:2015

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