V-Mic™ – Victim Locator Mic

  • Intrinsically Safe:  When used with Rescom Elite® and Rescom® Modular™ system
  • Compact:  Will fit through a 2” diameter opening
  • Minimalistic design:  Instantly deployable and Intuitive connectivity
  • Expandable:  Can be operated by a two-person team, but may be expanded as necessary
  • RF Immune:  Resistant to nearby RF Interference, multiple systems can be deployed in close proximity
  • Easy-Twist™ Connectors:  Military-style bayonet Connector can be easily disconnected while wearing gloves
  • Rugged & Durable:  Rust-proof construction
  • Watertight:  Watertight up to 1 meter

The Rescom® V-Mic™ gives rescuers the ability to locate and monitor a person trapped without a direct connection.  It has proven effective to locate and communicate with victims in a structure collapse. 

The portable, lightweight kit is easily deployable, allowing the highly-sensitive microphone to be dropped into a shaft, collapsed structure or vessel with the ability to hear even the faintest sounds.  It can pick up sounds quieter than 40dBA and amplifies sounds up to 177 times (45dBA).

To operate the V-mic™ system, 

  1. For deployment, simply connect the DSI-VM (DSI-VC & V-Mic™) to a DMI-E (Master Unit).
  2. Select the normal sensitivity setting by adjusting the audio level to “Low”.
  3. Switch the DMI-E to (Master Unit) “ON” to supply power to the DSI-VM (DSI-VC and V-Mic™)
  4. Lower it into the collapsed structure or work site.
  5. Position the V-Mic™ at the desired spot and increase sensitivity by selecting the “HIGH” setting on the Sensitivity Selection Switch and adjusting the volume to monitor the victim.  
  6. Reposition as necessary, repeat steps 2-5.  It’s that easy!

The V-mic™ can be used with any length of cable up to 4.8km (3 miles) and is fully compatible with the Rescom Elite® and Rescom® Modular™ system.  The V-Mic™ can be deployed with up to 1000ft (300m) of wire from the Control Unit and a total communication distance (DMI-E to V-Mic™) of 4.8km (3 miles). 


Power Source: 3 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries Duracell MN1500Procell PC1500Energizer E91 
Operating Voltage Range 3 to 4.5 VDC
Battery Life: 20% Talk, 80% Standby 2 Headsets: 210 hours
Connectors: ¼” Military-style twist bayonet Waterproof to 10m (35ft)
Watertight Up to 1m (3.3ft)
Retrieves sound clearly < 40 dBA
Amplification Gain 45dB (177x)
Communication Distance (Total from DMI-E to V-Mic™) Up to 4.8km (3miles)
Control Unit to V-Mic™ Distance Up to 300m (1000ft)


  • OSHA:  Meets all OSHA safety standards for confined space entry
  • CSA and UL:  Approved as per standard #C22.2 No.157-92 and UL #913 Seventh Edition (CSA File No. 224590-1669565)
    • Class I, Div. 1 Groups A, B, C, & D 
    • Class II, Div. 1 Groups E, F, G 
    • Class III Div. 1, Gaseous Mines


Rescom Elite® – 2 Man V-Mic™ Kit 

  • 1 x DQ70-206 (Can be replaced with other Rescom Elite Headsets) 
  • 1 x DMI-E  [Optional]
  • 1 x Cable Reel  [Optional] (RCC-03/450 or RCC-04/950)
  • 1 x 50’ DuraCORE™ Cable*  [Custom lengths available] (15EC2MMD02)
  • 1 x Medium Equipment Case (096154-940YB)
  • 1 x DSI-VM 
    • 1 x DSI-VC
    • 1 x V-Mic™ (047010)

*Can be replaced by a MSHA-Approved Cable , designed for Mining. 

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