Acoustic Coupler – Inter-Operability Interface (DSI-AC)

  • Intrinsically Safe: When used with Rescom® Elite™ and Rescom® Modular™ system
  • Portable and Instantly-deployable: Packaged in an easy-to-carry Nanuk Case
  • Easy-Twist™ Connectors: Military-style bayonet Connector with Dust Caps
  • Intuitive: Easy connectivity
  • Certifications: MSHA, OSHA, IECEx, ATEX, CSA, UL and ISO 9001:2015

The Inter-Operability Interface is an audio coupler designed to provide an isolated interconnection of the Rescom® Elite™ system with another communication system.

By physically strapping the audio coupler transmitter and receiver devices of the Rescom Inter-operability Interface to the receiver and transmitter components (respectively) of the other communication system for acoustic connection, the requirements for total electrical isolation are met.

The Rescom system is equipped with the Inter-Operability Interface at the position of a standard Slave unit and occupies therefore the equivalent of the one (1) headset position in the system.  The Inter-Operability Interface consists of a modified Slave interface (DSI-AC) physically configured in a slightly differing fashion from the standard interfaces.

The system connector protrudes through the outside surface of the case for connection by a standard extension cable or rope to the remaining system.  The usual headset connector on the DSI-AC is used for connection to the transceiver/receiver pair used for the acoustic coupler.

NOTE: The Inter-Operability interface is intrinsically safe but must not be used in combination with a non-intrinsically safe device in an area which contains potentially explosive gases or the gaseous content is unknown.

Only if BOTH products i.e., the Inter-Operability Interface and the other system to which it is to be connected, intrinsically safe rated, may the combined product be used in an area that is covered by the LEAST rated system.  For instance, if the other system is only rated to Class 1, Group A, div 2 areas, then the combined equipment may not be used in an area demanding a higher intrinsic safety rating.


  • OSHA: Meets all OSHA safety standards for confined space entry. 
  • CSA and UL: Approved as per standard #C22.2 No.157-92 and UL #913 Seventh Edition (CSA File No. 224590-1669565)
    • Class I, Div. 1 Groups A, B, C, & D 
    • Class II, Div. 1 Groups E, F, G 
    • Class III Div. 1, Gaseous Mines
  • MSHA: Tested for Intrinsic Safety in Methane-Air Mixtures Only when used with Rescom® Modular™.
    (Approval Number: 23-A100005-0)
  • IECEX: Approved when used with Rescom® Elite™ or Rescom® Modular™
  • ATEX: Approved when used with Rescom® Elite™ or Rescom® Modular™
  • ISO 9001:2015:  All SED products are ISO 9001:2015 certified

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