Specialized Environmental Sensor Case (096154-940SC)

  • Designed to protect and organize equipment in harsh environments
  • Easy to deploy and monitor internal displays
  • Rugged and durable case
  • Customizable window size and position for easy viewing of displays for everyday use
  • Multiple mounting options to fit in your desired space: magnetic, stanchion, handrail
  • Exceptional value for extending lifespan of contained equipment
  • Easy to open double latch mechanism to allow equipment adjustments
  • Water-resistant and dustproof design enables use in wet and dirty environments

The Environmental Sensor Case includes client specified components and equipment such as power supplies, test equipment, sensors, and wireless transmission interfaces. *

The case can be mounted via 3 methods: 

    • on a vertical 1.6″ (dia.) stanchion
    • on a guard rail
    • by Dual Magnetic Quick Release Latch for mounting the case directly to a vertical steel surface such as a cabinet or an I-beam. (See pictures)

Case includes a CSA and UL certified electrical interface – SED Inc.’s Power Distribution Box (PDB-C) with a modular 115 V AC mains connection cord (May be fused to 10A)

*Can be customized as per client requirement


Specialized Environmental Sensor Case

Dimensions  27" x 17" x 8.5" (683.2mm x 428.8mm x 217mm)
Viewing Window Area 10.5" x 3.5" (266.7mm x 88.9mm)
Weight (approx.) 17.5kg / 38.6lb (Includes all items shown)
This model is designed to house: Mirion Adaptive Wireless Monitor (AWM)Questemp 32 QT-32
Kit includes: SED Inc's PDB-C, 6' Modular Connection cord, Interconnection Cable and, Antenna
Steel mounting plate* for Stanchion and Guard Rail mounting, Magnetic Clamps
Attachment Security: For Guard Rail - Cable Ties
For Stanchion - Bolt (Inserted into top tube receiver)  Customer supplied

*Supplied mounting plate may be left in place to allow equipment to be removed to another location



This product can be used in almost any industrial environment, but it is ideal for Dusty and Damp environments, such as:

  • Nuclear Industry
  • Mining 
  • Hydro Powe Plants
  • Waste water management
  • HealthCare
  • Security and Defense
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Scientific labs 


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